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hat is Wine Vine?

Wine Vine is an organization dedicated to the promotion and education of wine. We aim through our members to improve knowledge and experience of wine by providing tasting guidance and information whilst supporting our membership base by negotiating exclusive deals on high quality wines.


Who are we and what is our vision?

Wine Vine was formed by a group of wine experts determined to dispel the myth that wine appreciation skills are limited to a select few, and ensure that anyone who wants to learn about wines can.

At Wine Vine we’ve been tasting, learning, and sharing our experiences for many years. In fact, Wine Vine represents over 100 years of combined experience in the wine industry. Our team members’ passions for wine were sparked in various subtle ways, but what we all have in common is that our love for wine has grown into an unquenchable desire to share this feeling and experience with a much wider audience.


Why are we so passionate about wine?

It’s no wonder that wine’s popularity has stood the test of time. Once the cork is pulled, the wine unleashes a variety of complex tastes, smells, sensations and memories. Drinking a glass of wine is an adventure for all the senses.

No two tastings are the same; they are completely dependant upon the group members’ tastes, their palettes and the wines being tasted. Each wine has its own characteristics based the variety of grape, its wine region, vintage, bottling process, etcetera.

Conversations at wine tastings are not unlike discussions on abstract art. When discussing what various people see in a painting and what they feel about it, the results of that conversation tend to be some agreement, some disagreement, and some opinions that are worlds apart. Despite this, it must be clearly understood that no opinion on a wine is wrong; it is, as they say, a matter of taste. Wine tasting opens our senses to fabulous new experiences each time.


Sharing our passion with the world

Some people mistakenly believe that wine tasting should be reserved for the aristocrat. At Wine Vine our vision is to dismiss this idea and make wine tasting more accessible to everyone. After all, all you need to become a ‘wine expert’ is a sense of taste and smell, and some practice.

In order to achieve our vision, Wine Vine has sought to assemble and distribute the materials necessary to bring the tasting experience to you, our audience. Wine Vine has produced and collected easy-to-understand information on wine, the wine industry, and various wine regions. You can read some of this by clicking on Introduction To Wine. However; reading alone will not make anyone a wine expert. You need to experience it first hand. With this in mind Wine Vine has developed a unique buying and marketing strategy that has allowed us to secure exclusive deals with reputable internet wine distributors, providing for those within our network a unique opportunity to taste and purchase quality wines at very attractive prices.


Our wine industry partners

We have secured an exclusive deal with Bin Ends London, and will be securing deals with more internet wine suppliers in the near future. Why have we chosen Bin Ends London? They have an incredibly unique, diverse, and inspiring selection of wines; many of which can not be found elsewhere. They supply wines from across the world and deliver them straight to your doorstep (UK delivery only), allowing us to put together some truly inspiring and educational Wine Vine Tasting Packs. Our tasting packs are guaranteed to take your palette on a journey around the world. Packs are available at

Contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

For more information on how you can obtain Wine Vine Tasting Packs, organise a tasting in your own home, or as corporate event please contact us.